Immersive Audio


Immersive Gaming

In the world of immersive audio, experiencing 180° or 360° fields is a unique experience every gamer should have. With miniAMBIO modules, this dream just became reality. Powered from the USB port of your gaming console (e.g. PS3/Xbox/Wii), miniAMBIO analog or Digital 2x2 modules will bring the gaming experience to a complete new dimension!

3D Systems

Achieving full circle imaging from standard 5.1 media (using just four speakers) without the need for special 3D material-Fiction or reality?

Coming to your home is the concept of Panambiophonics.

Ambio for Hifi

At the core of Ambiophonic's concept was the idea of enlarging the stage beyond that of the typical 60 degree stereophonic triangle.  With Ambiophonics the experience you are about to hear is unlike anything you could have experienced via the stereo loudspeaker triangle or earphones.