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miniAMBIO is an innovative Digital Signal Processor(DSP) platform allowing true Ambiophonic experience at low cost. Powered by the Recursive Ambio Crosstalk Cancellation (RACE) algorithm, miniAMBIO operates at 24bits/96kHz for optimum audio quality.  Processed in real time by the dedicated Digital Signal Processor, control of the miniAMBIO settings is performed from a plug&play (driverless) USB connection. Besides providing control of the RACE algorithm settings, a friendly User Interface allows gain control, parametric equalizers and monitoring of the signal. A complete digital signal processing solution for Ambiophonics and system equalization.

miniAMBIO: a flexible and low cost Ambiophonics processor brought to you by the Ambio4YOU team.



  • Digital Signal Processor performs all calculation in 56bits to optimize audio performance
  • Recursive Ambio Crosstalk Cancellation (RACE) algorithm implemented on DSP allows true ambiophonic experience
  • 24bits / 96kHz sample rate ADC/DAC converters maximize the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • 2 x Analog un-balanced inputs, 2 x Analog un-balanced outputs
  • Nichicon Muse Audiophile capacitors
  • Plug&Play USB driver with real time configuration and monitoring of: Parametric Equalizers, Meters, Digital Gain, RACE algorithm settings
  • Windows/MAC compatible
  • Device does not required to be connected to PC once configured
  • USB self powered device only requires a USB connection (e.g. USB charger)
  • Optional DC power connectivity available if required (4.5 to 24VDC)
  • High grade aluminum enclosure finish
  • CE/FCC certified - ROHS compliant


For more information, download the miniAMBIO Product Datasheet.

miniAMBIO control software

Because each audio system is unique by its equipment, speaker choice and acoustic environment, an Ambiophonic system requires a unique initial setup. Using the user friendly miniAMBIO control software running on Mac/PC platforms, setting up your ambiophonics system is a child's play. The wizard based step by step procedure will make sure your system is configured correctly and ready to operate.  No need for a PHD in Acoustics to get miniAMBIO started. Once the RACE algorithm is configured, users still have the freedom to configure the 4 parametric equalizers per input and levels . A welcome added feature to improve your audio system.


  • Hifi systems
  • Surround movie systems
  • 3D virtual reality simulation
  • Gaming
  • Car audio


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