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To better understand the benefits of Ambiophonics, you first need to understand the reason behind it.

Let's take a closer look at a familiar case: a stereophonic Left & Right configuration.


Stereophonics System

Now picture yourself seating on this sofa, with sound waves coming from both the left and right speakers. Our brain naturally interprets the atmospheric vibration from the speaker into auditory cues. In other words, locating the audio source in space. In the present case, at a +/-30degrees from the head of the listener. Makes sense?

Problem comes when a signal from the left speaker, intended for the left ear, "leaks" through air to the right ear. The un-desired effects of this leak are crosstalk and comb filtering. What's that crosstalk-comb-filtering-stuff all about? It happens when a wave is being summed together with another version of this wave, but with a slight delay. Which delay? Basically the equivalent time it took the wave to travel from the left to the right ear. Constructive and destructive interferences resulting from comb filtering ultimately distort the audio. Another limitation of a stereo or 5.1 surround configuration is a narrowing of the sound image: i.e. not allowing your brain to localize sound at the extreme sides (or all around with four speakers). With speakers located at a 60 degree angle a stereo system can only achieve up to a 60 degree wide sound stage.

And here comes Ambiophonics...

At the core of its theory is the idea of eliminating the speaker crosstalk and thus extending the auditory image.  By combining Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a conveniently narrower 20 to 30degrees angle, Ambiophonics tricks our brain with real time correction of a standard stereo or 5.1 signal.  The unique Ambiophonic experience is unlike anything you would expect from the comfort of you living room. Ambio4YOU platforms work for any stereo, surround audio material and will simply change the way you are accustomed to listening to audio.

Ambio4YOU Platforms

Revolutionary in their size, flexibility and low cost, Ambio4YOU's platforms are the perfect way to experience Ambiophonics at home , in a recording studio or any public space. An Ambio4YOU system mainly consists of 2 elements:

  • miniAMBIO, a pocket size Digital Signal Processor based on the Recursive Ambiophonic Crosstalk Eliminator (RACE). Its purpose is to reduce the crosstalk between left & right signals at your ears. miniAMBIO is the brain of Ambiophonics, designed to process audio on a dedicated IC and with very high quality 24/96 algorithm to maximize your musical experience. The end result is an accurate and distortion free listening field of 180 degrees (two speakers) to 360 degrees (four speakers)

  • Also essential to the Ambiophonic configuration is the speaker arrangement now at a 20 to 30 degree angle from the listening position. With the speakers almost side by side, this setup will be intriguing at first glance. It is however the required speaker placement of an Ambiophonic system which, combined with the Digital Signal Processing from miniAMBIO, will provide the truly unique experience of an Ambiophonics. When reproducing 5.1 media a center speaker (front or rear) is never required

miniAMBIO 2.0

In a Left & Right speaker configuration, a single miniAMBIO processor is sufficient to provide a 180 degree field of listening. In other words, giving you the feeling loudspeaker binaural a much more realistic Soundfield experience than earphone binaural or loudspeaker stereo.



Ambiophonic Speaker placement for Left & Right speakers

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miniPANAMBIO 4.0

For those of you looking for a full 360 degrees field of listening, the holy grail of immersive audio, Panambiophonics is the solution you're looking for. Based on 2 miniAMBIO processing audio in real time, see the diagram below for a typical Panambiophonics setup.



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