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Welcome to, a website dedicated to low cost plug&play Ambiophonic Processors. Powered by a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) at 24bits/96kHz,  miniAMBIO platform is a revolutionary step in bringing Ambiophonic experience to the consumer world. No cost barrier. No PHD in acoustics required. Get your Ambiophonics system setup in a matter of minutes and experience immersive Audio like never before when replaying  your existing existing library.

With this realease of miniAMBIO, Ambio4you paves the way to a wide range of versatile processors to accommodate the needs of audiophiles, gamers, and videophiles.

Stay tuned for an exciting Ambio-Experience full of innovative surprises!

About us

Ambio4YOU is the sister company of DSP4YOU ltd, a company dedicated to building innvotive low cost digital signal processing products for audio applications. We're a startup company based in Hong Kong with a team made up of audio, electronic & networking engineers. Ambio4YOU products are bringing up breakthrough technologies to the A/V market. With our team's extensive experience, Ambio4YOU will release other products in the next few months.